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Our emporium offers a vast selection of antiques, collectibles, homewares, retro toys, instruments and ornaments. We have carefully curated a selection of items

so that you can find unique pieces to add to your collection.

Each item we stock is carefully inspected and chosen to provide the best quality. We invite you to come explore our emporium and find the perfect piece that speaks to you.

Here you will also be able to find

Music Alley Instruments - Unit 109

88mph Toys & Collectables - Unit 172

amongst many other independent traders.

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​Monday - 10am - 5pm

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm

Wednesday - 10am - 5pm

Thursday - 10am - 5pm

Friday - 10am - 5pm

Saturday - 10am - 5pm

Sunday - 10am - 5pm


01270 842524
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