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Booklore/Cavern Books

Cavern Books caters for both serious collectors and browsers. Established in 1997 offering a wide choice of second hand books from antiquarian right through to modern classics.

As well as as books, we stock a large collection of vinyl records, 78's and CDs along with postcards 35 mm slides, maps, sheet music and posters.

Across our outlets we have over 120,000 books in stock, so if you are looking for something in particular please get in touch. 

We are always interested in buying good quality books, including collections.

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​Monday - 11.30am - 5pm

Tuesday - 11.30am - 5pm

Wednesday - 11.30am - 5pm

Thursday - 11.30am - 5pm

Friday - 11.30am - 5pm

Saturday - 11.30am - 5pm

Sunday - 11.30am - 5pm


01270 841594
07712 046873
Cavern Books/Booklore shopfront Dagfields

Postcards, stamps & maps

Cavern books/booklore music room Dagfields

Music Room

First Editions Bookshop Dagfields

First Editions

Children's books/comics/annuals Dagfields

Children's Books/Comics/Annuals

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